Ryan R.

Within the first 30 days, I was able to generate 108 leads. The experience has been phenomenal. I look forward to continuing to work with Market Marker to dominate my market.

Michael M.

Today I am working with about 43 clients directly from the Market Maker platform. Almost 70-80% of my income has been generated from Market Maker Leads.

Angela S.

Market Maker has been great! I love how they schedule the appointments FOR YOU right to your calendar, so you’re prepared, and won’t miss a lead, in between showing houses.

Michelle G.

I highly recommend Market Maker. I’ve gotten more leads in 4 MONTHS than I have in 2 YEARS with the last CRM program I was using. Market Maker’s support team is never too busy to talk or assist you;

Mandy C.

I'm actually on my way to a closing. Well, two closings. We closed on one property that they sold, and they purchased their forever home. But on top of that, they also referred me to a friend of theirs. I'm actively working with them. So that was three pieces of business that I generated from leads from Market Maker, so that's pretty exciting.

Chris W.

They take all of the back-office tasks that have to be done that no one really wants to do. And they've turned that around. I've been able to sign up two clients so far in two months. If you're on the fence, I would recommend you quickly get off the fence because this is the real deal. Get involved with the Market Makers, they will turn your life around. Thanks, guys!

Rivers W.

Market Makers, even though I've only been with it for about three and a half weeks, there's something different about it. The people there, they care about the people, like myself, they care if I'm doing well, they want to know how I'm doing and what's working for me and give me advice, which has been really great.

Jeff P.

I started with Market Maker about 15 days ago. I've got over 90 leads, 17 appointments, and a home under contract for $365,000. I am also working with two other families right now, one for a listing and a purchase, and one is just a flat-out purchase, all within the first 15 days. I've seen so many things come across my desk, I was a doubter, but let Market Maker show you what they showed me.

Jefferson K.

That first week we got like 50 leads, thats awesome! I've done a lot of lead generation myself, but the thing that stands out and is different for us is that I didn't have to call them. We'd be having lunch and be like oh! We've got an appointment in an hour. Then we would get another one in like an hour and a half. It's awesome!


Of the 9 appointments that have been set, I'm working, meaning I have them under buyer's agency agreement, with 7 buyers. Those 7 buyers are looking at about $2.2 million worth of property that they're going to put under contracts. 

Matt P.

There's nothing like Market Maker. You have literally a sales team setting appointments for you and getting this all done for you. So far I've gotten 175 leads and 48 appointments. I've really enjoyed using the platform; it's been really smooth to use and it's nice to know all the phone calls are recorded so you can see where to lead your conversation with your lead.

Nicki G.

Within the first 3 days, I had an appointment every day. Those appointments are only multiplying. Definitely, the best money I've ever spent in my career.


"Just since we upgraded about three months ago, we've had, I'd say between 3 and 400 leads come through. I've set about a hundred appointments, I believe. And we've probably got about a dozen or so that are actively looking right now. Based off of numbers, just off the last three months, almost double our business at that point. So, I mean, it can only go up from here. If you are like me and you need a system that's pretty much all inclusive, helping you keep track of what your team is working on if you are a team leader, this system is definitely something I would highly recommend."

Mary H.

In four months, I have gotten 541 leads, 130 appointments scheduled. And of those 130 appointments, I've closed one transaction and I'm working with 34 warm leads. I truly love this Market Maker platform. The ease of use, the materials, the blog posts, landing pages, the digital advertising, those are all things that I use quite often. The advice that I would give to any agents that were on the fence is to take that chance. I've spent thousands of dollars on marketing in my seven years with very little to no return. When I was first considering Market Maker platform, I was most skeptical about the company actually getting the results they claimed that they could get for me. And seeing is believing. This program really works.

Josh D.

"Market Maker. They have a system that does a text message and they do no-ring voicemails, email followup, but the best part is just the team that I was on, that was keeping 80% of the commissions, they schedule an appointment with that lead for you and you can just pick it up and call them back. I mean, it's as scrubbed a lead as you can possibly get. They are setting appointments for me on my calendar. I call the appointment, they know who I am, they know a little bit about me and my company.If you guys are doing your continuing education and you're thinking what do I do next, I'm telling you right now, you really need to check Market Maker."

Arnold O.

I've been an agent for most all of two months, and about half of that, I've been with Market Maker. The results have been phenomenal so far. There's been 138 leads and out of that, there's been 30 appointments. And out of that, I took a listing last week. First one ever. Yay. And I worked with about three to four active buyers, currently, out of those leads.

Virginia K.

I've been with Market Maker for a couple of months. It was a good decision that I made. I do recommend Market Maker. You're going to get to those people who are considering the purchase of a home before that frenzy point on their timeline when they are looking at specific properties and they're getting bombarded by multiple real estate lead companies.


"Three weeks, 46 appointments, and then one of them was like a really cool investor due to one of the buyers of the house.Yeah, so my very first client will be selling three properties
and then purchasing one with a total value of about $600,000 in sales."

Grant B.

I've had over 44 leads come in, two appointments that have been set and kept. And from those two appointments, I have one fourplex listing, and I've got another client in the car looking at homes. So it's been spectacular! I'm really enjoying the platform; it's easy to read and it's easy to get involved and understand what's happening with each of those leads.